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Time to dine with QRUNCH

What is it about eating that brings us closer together? From special occasions, catching up with friends, or the beginning of something new - food, drinks, and dining together is what truly unites us all.

In the midst of these challenging times the current landscape of the restaurant experience has changed severely. Cravings have increased not only for food, but for the experience of culture, unity, and meaningful gatherings. With the adjustment to 'new normals' and restrictions surrounding our lifestyle and restaurants across the GTA - it has become transparent that the adoption of innovative and affordable technology is vital to support everyone’s unique places of unity, the restaurant marketplace.

Inspired by the love of food, Qrunch acts as an all-in-one business tool for restaurants to gain customer exposure, alleviate from costly service fees, and combat the effects of COVID-19. As a supporting ‘Qruncher’, the use of the digital and interactive menu application allows you to have a fully revitalized and meaningful experience safely with your loved ones. With the shift to every dining experience being contactless, Qrunch has validated this new normal by:

1. Meaningful and fluently vibrant QR menus

View a restaurant's full menu all from your personal device. With mouth watering images and an origin story to spark your appetite even further - Qrunch makes your food come to life!

2. Touchless system and on demand payment solution

The fully mobile application allows users to view, order, and make their contactless payment through their phone without having to touch menus or payment machines. This touchless solution mitigates the transmission of the virus while eliminating the use of physical and single-use menus.

3. Dining-distancing is enabled

The Qrunch application solution enables a safe yet meaningful experience between the restaurant and its diners by sharing more than just a transaction. Restaurant owners are empowered to make their food come to life through the application while providing you with a unique experience at a distance.

Without fail, the restaurant industry has been feeding our belly’s and our heart’s all over the world. Inspired by the love of food, Qrunch has been specially designed to support the restaurant community when they need it the most.

Upgrade your next dining experience, support your local restaurants, and watch your food come to life with just a Qrunch!

There are many more beneficial reasons why Qrunch is the only mobile menu you'll ever need. Get excited and stay tuned for more information Qrunchers!

We'd love to get to know more about the restaurants we should add to Qrunch! Comment below which restaurants you think would make great a great fit to the Qrunch application.

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