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Qrunch - The Only Mobile Menu You'll Ever Need

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Qrunch - The Only Mobile Menu You'll Ever Need - here's why:

The restaurant industry has economically thrived for hundreds of years globally providing patrons with a diversity of dining experiences and food from all over the world. However, it has not evolved the same way other industries have since the introduction of the technological revolution.

While other industries such as automotive, finance, travel, and retail are seeing a large technological adoption, the restaurant industry has remained stagnant. Although many restaurants have optimized to implement and improve certain systems such as a digital POS, automatic order printing, and of course, food delivery applications with high service fees, it has become transparent that the adoption of affordable and usable technology is needed and vital to support the restaurant marketplace.

Introducing Qrunch, a digital and interactive menu application that allows users to have a fully revitalized experience with restaurants. Launched in Toronto, Canada, in one of the greatest diverse culinary destinations, Qrunch is the only mobile application in the marketplace that allows people to view a restaurant’s menu effortlessly from all angles and make food come to life. Qrunch also empowers restaurant owners to tell their origin story through the application, creating a deeper connection between the diner and the owner.

With many innovative features underway, Qrunch is specifically designed and here to support the restaurant marketplace during these challenging times. Let us introduce you to the first 3 ways of how the Qrunch application will support your community’s favourite restaurants and enhance your next dining experience:

1. Combat COVID-19 with QR Menu

Qrunch is a fully mobile app that allows users to view a restaurant's menu through their own phone without having to touch menus that are in the restaurant. This mitigates the transmission and possible risk of spreading the virus through infected materials while eliminating the use of single-use and physical menus.

2. Cost Effective

Qrunch is the only mobile platform offering a 5% pickup service fee. As a restaurant owner, this cost effective application will keep more funds towards your business on each transaction and absorb far less than the 10-15% that common food applications require.

3. Free!

With only a minor setup fee, Qrunch is a free to use application during the pandemic. As the Qrunch application solution advances across the GTA - the growth of the application will empower and support surrounding restaurants to offer them all with the same opportunities and relief.

There are many more beneficial reasons why Qrunch is the only mobile menu you'll ever need. Get excited and stay tuned for more information Qrunchers!

Want to get in touch? Please email for more information.

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